Join the Mira Loyalty Program!

We’re excited about rewarding our friends and customers. 

How to Join:

First, head over to and create an account (it’s free!). Once you join the Program, you will automatically be awarded 100 bonus points! To create the account, you will be required to provide the following information:

  1. First and last name
  2. Email address
  3. Password

Please note: Your Mira App and website accounts are different. If you don’t have a website account, please create one. 

How to Earn Points

  1. Sign up—automatically get 100 points!
  2. Place an order. Gain 1 point for every £1 spent. Taxes and shipping cost are not counted as points.
  3. “Like” us on Facebook. Get 10 points when you like our posts on Facebook.
  4. Follow us on Instagram.  Get 10 points for following us on Instagram.

How to Redeem your Rewards

You earn £5 off your entire order for every 100 points redeemed. Forgot to redeem your points? No worries. Your points last forever on your account and roll over to the next month.

    Ready to redeem your points? Here’s how to do it: 

    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Click on “Ways to redeem”.
    3. Select a coupon code. You can redeem:

      £5 off = 100 points. £10 off = 200 points. £15 off = 300 points. £20 off = 400 points

    4. Click on “Apply code”.


    1. The maximum discount you can redeem for one order is £20.
    2. The minimum order amount is £100.
    3. Discounts cannot be combined with other promo codes.
    4. Discounts apply to order subtotals. They don't apply to taxes or shipping (except free shipping discounts).



    Refer Friends and Get Rewarded!

    Get a £10 off coupon by sending your friends your unique referral URL. This allows you to give your friends a £10 off coupon and claim your own when they purchase. 

    How to find and send your unique referral URL:

    1. Go to your account
    2. Copy your referral URL
    3. Send the URL to your friends
    4. When your friends click on the URL, they will be prompted to enter their email address. The 'Friend' reward gets sent to their inbox upon entering their email address.
    5. Your friends can copy their coupon code from the email and use it in an order!
    6. If your friends make a successful purchase, you will get a £10 off coupon.



    Note: Friends do not need to create an account. They just have to make a purchase.

    Terms of Use

    These Terms of Use apply to your access and participation in the Mira Loyalty Program. Through the Mira Loyalty Program we look to reward and thank loyal customers for purchasing our product. All Mira Loyalty Program members are able to earn and redeem points on the website. The information you provide to join the Mira Loyalty Program will be subject to the Company's Privacy Policy found here.

    How to Contact Mira

    We hope you enjoy our Loyalty Program! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or write to us to:

    Quanovate Tech Inc. 2010
    Crow Canyon Place Suite 100,
    San Ramon, CA