The Ferti-lily Conception Cup

Meet The Ferti-lily Cup. A soft, comfy cup that helps keep ejaculated or donated sperm closer to the uterus. By cradling the sperm in the cervical mucus environment, more sperm cells survive—and more swim up to the uterus. The Ferti-lily Conception Cup is clinically proven to boost conception chances by 48%.

  • Comfy & easy to use
  • 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Use for up to 6 cycles
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Can a Conception Cup help me get pregnant?

Definitely! The Ferti-lily Conception Cup is clinically proven to boost conception chances by 48%.

  • Conceive at home: Trying to conceive remains an intimate moment enjoyed in the comfort of home.
  • Deliver sperm to the cervix: Cervical cups help up to 300% more sperm cells enter the cervical mucus's protective environment.
  • Easy to use: Comes with instructions, it’s easy to insert yourself, and comfortable due to its high-quality materials.
  • Sperm is less exposed: With The Ferti-lily Conception Cup, sperm is less exposed in the vagina, where there are toxic PH levels for sperm.

How to use The Ferti-lily
Conception Cup

Using The Ferti-lily Conception Cup is easy.


Step 1

Before inserting the cup for the first time, boil it in pure water, pat it dry, and place it in the cotton bag (included).

Step 2

If you are TTC through intercourse, once your partner has ejaculated, stay lying down, and grab the cup. Turn it inside out (A) and hold it with the stem pointing toward your feet. Place

one finger inside the upturned cup (B). If you are TTC with donor sperm, follow the same steps once you have introduced the sperm into the vagina.

img A img B
img C img D

Step 3

Gently insert the upturned cup into your vagina (C). Once it reaches the top of your vaginal canal, hold the cup in place with the inserted finger, and at the same time, gently pull on the stem (use your other hand) to pop The Ferti-lily Cup back into its original shape (D).

Look for the indents on the outside of the cup on either side of the stem using your fingers. If the cup is still inside out, you’ll barely be able to feel them. You can check where the indents are inserting the cup.

You don’t need to worry if the cup is the right way round or not. Once the sperm is inside you, it’ll be closer to the cervix, and the cup will prevent it from flowing out.

Leave The Ferti-lily Cup for from 20 minutes to 1 hour (max time).

Step 4

Wash your hands. Get into a comfortable position. Reach for the stem of the cup with your fingers. Slowly pull on the stem until you feel the base of the cup at the opening of your vagina (Pictogram F).

Gently remove the cup from your vagina, keeping it upright to prevent any spillage until you’re over a toilet or sink.

Empty the contents, wash the cup thoroughly (15-20 seconds) using warm water, and store as directed (Pictogram G).

img F img G

To double your chances, use
the cup with a conception gel!


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